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All Roads Lead To Rome

The Italian and French Riveras

Ah, Barcelona!

Into The Atlantic

Is It Porto or Oporto?

La Belle France

An Impression of an Impressionist

Hail, Britannia

Ach du Lieber

Stockholm and the Vasa

The White City of the North

St. Petersburg and Presidents

Happy 299th Birthday

A Tiny Jewel
Then A Larger One

Nothing Could be Finer...

~A word of thanks~

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the person who really put these pages together. All I did was write the words and select the images. She put it all together with color and background and music to make it come alive. Edgar Degas said, "The frame is the artist's reward." Thank you, Judy, for a beautiful frame.

Copyright 2002 Robert Koontz

Thank You James
It Is An Honor To Display This Award

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